“It was very fun to hear the screams of delight in my most recent weight loss group when they stepped on the scale each week losing 2-5 pounds and feeling like it was easy for the first time in their life.” – Daria Mann, Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist

1. Using new relaxation techniques, you will begin to handle anxiety and stress in more healthy ways gaining control of your reactions to negative emotions.

2. The numbers on the scale may not decrease quickly, but with your new habits, you will see the increase of tone in your muscles and your clothes will begin to feel loose.

5. New habits will begin to form as you begin to park farther away from your destination and begin to take the stairs instead of the elevator. At break times, you may chose to go for a quick walk rather than grab a snack.

6. Breathing will become easier as you go up stairs more, get out in nature for hikes, and do more activities than you were able to do before hypnosis.

3. Lab results at the doctor’s office may change as you choose healthier foods drop the excess weight. As those results change, you will decrease your risk of diabetes, heart disease, or cancer!

4. Working out at least three times a week will be a joy and if you can add more days, you will be so  proud of yourself!

7. Feeling better physically and emotionally, you will begin to have more self confidence to enjoy  social activities and perhaps gain new relationships.

8. Many of the habits such as drinking soda, Starbucks or alcohol and eating sugary substances, fried foods, and too much as one time will fade away as you find yourself eating heathy nutritious, delicious foods.