“I went to Daria to stop chewing and smoking tobacco. I was completely shocked by how well it worked. It was like I arrived at her office with a thumb I really needed and when I went out I didn’t need it anymore and didn’t even miss it. Even months later, I have no need for tobacco in any form.” -B.D.

Within eight hours, the excess carbon monoxide is out of your body!

In five days, most of the nicotine is out of your body.

In one week, your sense of smell and taste improves.

In twelve weeks, your lungs have regained their ability to clean themselves again.

In three months, your lung function increases by 30%.

In twelve months, your risk of heart disease is cut in half.

In one year, using the average of $7 per pack at one pack a day, you will save $2,555.00. What will you do with all that extra money? Buy a car? Go on vacation? Invest in your IRA? Give your family, friends, or co-workers amazing Christmas gifts? Give to charity? Pay off those nasty credit cards? Your money, your choice!

In two years, your life insurance premiums can be cut in half!

In five years, your risk of stroke has decreased dramatically.