• Relieve anxiety: Anxiety may be associated with musical and sport performance, test-taking, social situations, or public speaking. Anxiety may also be associated with medical or dental appointments.
  • Anxiety or trauma may lead to symptoms that can be relieved with hypnosis such as nail biting, hair pulling, skin picking, bed wetting, eating issues, etc.
  • Relieve fears: Children and teens are often affected greatly by fear. Fears may include monsters, clowns, strangers, the dark, the bathroom, needles, nightmares, water, etc.
  • Relieve symptoms of medical issues. These may include but are not limited to stuttering, healthy habits, sport’s injuries, menstrual cramps, asthma, skin problems, stomach issues, surgery, and/or pain. Daria will work with your child’s pediatrician or specialist to ensure hypnosis is serving the best interest of the child.
  • Let go: Children and teens have memories and occasional irrational thoughts that often continue to affect their self-esteem, school performance, ability to make friends, connections with teachers, or the ability to play sports or enjoy other activities. Hypnotherapy can help them let go of the past or simply see the experience from a different perspective to find relief.
  • Transitions: Children and teens may benefit from using hypnotherapy to make transitions .  Transitions may include a new sibling, their own room or new bed, feelings related to divorce, introduction of a step-parent, a death of a family member or pet, or a new home or school.
  • Increase confidence and self-esteem!
  • Call 303-358-1293 for a free phone consultation today!  Hypnotherapy  sessions for children and teens and families are available virtually through tele-health or in Daria’s office.   

“Daria helped two of my kids (8 and 10 years old) with some pretty tough social issues that they were having at school. Both my kids really loved her kindness and empathy and she was a pleasure to work with! We would definitely recommend her.” – K.E.

“Connecting with children and teens is a natural skill I have. I put them at ease almost immediately as we meet, get to know each other, and have them relax to use hypnosis to help with behavior issues, break bad habits, develop friendships, have confidence academically and socially, and relieve anxiety. I can also use play therapy techniques if needed.”

– Daria Mann

Children and Teens love hypnotherapy because they are in control of changing their thoughts and behaviors. We work together to understand the power of their own mind and its ability to serve them. Hypnosis is fun and most children and teens love using relaxation and their imagination usually going into trance very easily. Often parents will notice changes immediately but to the child or teen it may not seem like anything has changed. Teens enjoy the relaxation, the ease, and the reduced stress of hypnotherapy in comparison to regular talk therapy.

A session with a child or teen will include paperwork and intake with a parent present to determine what the issue is as well as determine if the child or teen wants to change. Parents have sometimes asked Daria if she could “make” them do something.  It is important to know the child or teen is in control and without their permission to make changes, suggestions will not be accepted to resolve the issue. The child can sit wherever he/she is comfortable, many like the big recliner chair, but some prefer to sit on the rug or a pillow during intake. Usually, hypnosis works best with the parent in the waiting room during hypnosis. However if a child (or parent) is uncomfortable, Daria will allow the parent to stay. To the observing parent, hypnosis may seem like storytelling, or they may not understand a technique that may be used such as metaphorical language, or the use of silence to allow the child or teen to use their imagination. Children tend to move more than adults while in trance which doesn’t interfere with the work, but may seem a bit odd to parents. Suggestions are always positive and use benefits to motivate change.