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As I considered writing a blog, many things have gone through my mind. The first thought was, “I don’t have time for this! I am in graduate school as a full time student getting yet another master’s degree, I should spend time being a mom, and I am building a business!” Over the last couple of months, it is amazing how many ideas have come to me that I can write about. Now there is an excitement I can’t even explain as I sit down to put one of the ideas in writing. I may even end up being an author as I have ideas for a book.

The second thought was, “I love school, but one of my least favorite subjects is writing. I would rather listen, talk or sing any day before I write.” This too has changed. In January, I decided to create a theme for the year and vowed to make it a habit at least three times a week to journal about it. Amazing what focus and writing can do! My theme is “Prosperity” and I had the best month I have ever had in business and I have won 2 door prizes at two different events. Wow!

The next thought was, “Writing in a public manner such as a blog makes me vulnerable to criticism.” While this is true and it is still very much on my mind, I realize my clients have to allow themselves to feel a bit vulnerable to create amazing changes in their lives. Sometimes it is sharing a memory or thought that relieves pain or frustration, other times it is a question or two that leads to understanding, and many times it is being vulnerable to try something new like hypnotherapy.

I invite you to give me a call at 303-358- 1293 and ask the questions you really want to ask. I myself was very skeptical and admittedly scared of hypnosis. I am so thankful I faced my fears and tried it. This has been an amazing journey! I look forward to being vulnerable and sharing more in the future.