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Hypnosis is an amazing tool for change! Through a variety of hypnosis techniques, Daria Mann, M. Ed, CCHT can help you access the part of your mind, the subconscious mind, where youtypically don’t have control. Through our work together, we can address habits, emotions, feelings, and beliefs to help you let go of self-limiting beliefs and mental blocks and gain awareness of your own strengths.

Stress and anxiety are natural feelings everyone experiences throughout life. Often somaticsymptoms can manifest physically, mentally, and emotionally in reaction to this stress and anxiety. This can show up as panic attacks, shakiness, loss of speech, excessive blushing, or other unwanted behaviors. There will always be situations that cause stress and anxiety, but you have a choice of how to respond. At Metro Denver Hypnotherapy, you will learn how to allow your mind to use its power to serve you in reducing this stress and anxiety. You will learn simple exercises and post-hypnotic signals which will help you create new positive reactions and patterns of behavior you want.

Are you learning a new sales presentation, preparing for a performance or speech? Did you know the number one fear in America is public speaking? Everyone at some point in their life has experienced nervousness that comes with performance anxiety. Hypnosis is an effective tool to help you gain the confidence you need, manage the mental and physical energy you experience, and learn how to mentally rehearse the experience on a subconscious level.

Daria is a wonderful hypnotherapist that helped me in overcoming my severe anxiety in ways that my regular therapist couldn't. Her office is a very relaxing environment and she's a extremely nice person" - D.L.

People develop fears and phobias for a variety of reasons. Do you have an unnatural response when you encounter spiders, snakes, certain insects or animals? Are you nervous when you are in an elevator or approach an escalator? Do you have a fear of heights or edges? Are you afraid of getting on an airplane? Are there other fears and phobias keeping you from living a healthy life? Hypnosis uses relaxation and positive suggestions to open up your subconscious mind to learn tools and techniques to have more positive responses to those old triggers. Many clients release their fears forever!

Do you want to have the edge many performers, including Olympic athletes and professional actors and singers, have with the help of hypnosis? You will still have to practice, but hypnosis will help you enhance your own natural abilities.

Are you studying for an important exam such as the LSAT, Board Exams, Bar Exam, ACT, SAT, GRE, or a final exam? You will have to study and read but your mind will be open to receive, retain, and recall information more effectively after our hypnosis session.

Often, as a hypnotherapist, I find human factors that have shaken my client’s confidence, such as being told “no”, having been criticized, or told (often by their own mind) that they are not capable of doing things they have the skills and the abilities to do. Through hypnosis we discover and remove or reframe these negative experiences and thoughts so they can concentrate and learn more freely without fear.

A very special hypnotherapy session I provide to clients who are interested is an "angel session". This session provides my client with strong feelings of safety, knowing a loved one is safe, loved, and cared for, as well as reveal areas they need to work on in their life. - Daria Mann

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