“Daria is a wonderful hypnotherapist that helped me overcome my severe anxiety in ways that my regular therapist couldn’t.  Her office is a very relaxing environment and she is an extremely nice person.”

– D. L.

Helping with stress and anxiety in Metro Denver with Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis is an amazing tool for change! Through a variety of hypnosis techniques, Daria Mann, M. MFT, M. Ed, CCHT will help you access the part of your mind, the subconscious mind, where you typically don’t have control. Through our work together; we can address habits, emotions, feelings, and beliefs to help you let go of self-limiting beliefs and mental blocks. We will also help you gain awareness of your own strengths and the power of your mind.

Stress and anxiety are natural feelings everyone experiences throughout life. Often somatic symptoms can manifest physically, mentally, and emotionally in reaction to stress and anxiety. This can show up as panic attacks, shakiness, loss of speech, excessive blushing, pain, or other unwanted behaviors. There will always be situations that cause stress and anxiety, but you have a choice of how to respond. At Metro Denver Hypnotherapy, you will learn how to allow your mind to use its power to serve you in reducing this stress and anxiety. You will learn simple tools, triggers or post-hypnotic signals, and awareness which will help you create new positive reactions and new patterns of behavior you desire.

Are you learning a new sales presentation? Are you preparing for a sports or musical performance, or speech? Did you know the number one fear in America is public speaking? Everyone at some point in their life has experienced nervousness that comes with anxiety. Are you are person who has always some type of anxiety and you are ready to make a change to feel more confident? Hypnosis is an effective tool for change helping you gain the confidence you need, manage the mental and physical energy you experience, and learn how to mentally rehearse the experience on a subconscious level.

  • Do you have an unnatural response when you encounter spiders, snakes, certain insects or animals?
  • Are you nervous when you are in an elevator or approach an escalator?
  • Do you have a fear of heights, edges or falling?
  • Are you afraid of getting an an airplane and flying to a destination you want to go to?
  • Do you have fear of being in large groups of people or being around certain types of people?
  • Are you afraid of leaving your house?
  • Do you have an unnatural reaction to scheduling an appointment with a doctor or dentist because you have developed a phobia of needles or medical facilities?
  • Are you so afraid of speaking that you dread being asked a question or being asked to lead an important meeting at work or at your organization?
  • Do you know you have wonderful information and knowledge to share and have dreamed of being a public  speaker or writer but fear and anxiety are holding you back?
  • Do you have a deep desire to be in a committed relationship or be a parent, but fear is keeping you from dating or considering making that type of commitment?
  • Are you the one who has practiced and practiced a skill and has the natural ability in your sport, musical ability, or hobby and yet you are afraid of entering or finding yourself sick before a performance or competition?
  • Did you always have complete confidence in yourself but something knocked you down and now you find you have anxiety about your abilities or have lost your self-esteem?
  • Were you in an accident or something just changed and now have fear and anxiety about driving or being a passenger in a car or truck?
  • Are you studying for an important exam such as the LSAT, Boards, Bar exams, ACT, SAT, GRE, or finals and now fear and anxiety are gripping you so tight, you don’t know if you will ever be able to pass them?
  • Has the latest scare from the coronavirus cause you to tremble in fear and anxiety? 
  • Call 303-358-1293 today!  Due to COVID19,  talk therapy and hypnosis sessions for anxiety or fear relief can be available virtually through tele-health.  Daria is seeing clients in her office too!  

“Daria was so lovely and extremely generous with her time on our first session, she was very thorough in gathering the information she needed before starting the hypnosis portion of the session. I would highly recommend Daria to anyone looking for a Hypnotherapist.” – K.D